Driving Lesson Prices


This tariff should be read in conjunction my website www.alanpontetdrivingtuition.co.uk including the document Conditions and Guarantee and which includes payment and discount terms and a description of differential pricing.

The discounts and payment options described in this tariff are designed to help you with the funding and budgeting of your learning and, to encourage continuity in commitment to your driving course.

Payment of fees

Payments should be made online to:
MR A D PONTET sort code: 07-01-16 acc nu: 27739842 and give your name as your payment reference.

You can, alternatively, pay in cash. I am not a cashier - any overpayment shall be carried over to your next appointment.

I do not accept payment by cheque or card.

Please do not attend appointments without payment in advance or payment in hand – no payment = no appointment. Nevertheless, if you attend without payment and you want to visit a cash dispenser, that visit shall be made at the beginning of your driving appointment.

I do not accept underpayment – if you attend without at least the minimum payment, your appointment can be either amended to the value of your payment or, cancelled.

I do not issue paper or printed receipts – receipts shall be sent by way of text messages.

Single Appointment of 1 hour

  • £35.00 – this is the full hourly rate, also known as the standard hourly rate.

Payment terms: one-off payment


A one–off 2–hours trial appointment for beginners and those who are partly-trained; you can decide – either at the appointment or after, whether you think that we can work together to help you in achieving your target of passing the qualifying practical driving test.

  • £35.00 - saving £35.00! (Equates to £17.50/hr. Full price would be £70.00)

Payment terms: one-off payment

Beginner’s 6-Pack Starter

After your trial appointment, you can take these six hours of beginner’s tuition covering primary control skills including moving off changing gears turning stopping hill-starts, etc. This package is available as 3 x 2-hour appointments only.

  • £128.28 - saving £81.72! (Equates to £21.33/hr. Full price would be £210.00)

Payment terms: one-off payment or, minimum payment £70.00 at or before first apt., followed by £58.28 at or before second appointment.

Course Blocks

Our learning rate can be influenced by several factors, including frequency of practice – see other information on my website and which helps you to assess how many hours you might take to learn. A general recommendation is that you plan at least one appointment per week. A bulk purchase is more economical and gives you flexibility with your appointments plan – and you can pay by instalments – see below.

  • 10 hours: £275.00 - saving £75.00! (Equates to £27.50/hr. Full price would be £350.00)
  • 20 hours: £525.00 - saving £175.00! (Equates to £26.25/hr. Full price would be £700.00)
  • 30 hours: £750.00 - saving £300.00! (Equates to £25.00/hr. Full price would be £1,050.00)
  • 35 hours: £854.00 - saving £371.00! (Equates to £24.40/hr. Full price would be £1,225.00)
  • 40 hours: £950.00 - saving £450.00! (Equates to £23.75/hr. Full price would be £1,400.00)

Payment terms: one-off payment or, regular payments including weekly and/or monthly payments. If you choose to make regular payments you make minimum payments at the standard hourly rate until you have paid the discounted amount for whichever package you choose; if your appointment is one hour the minimum payment is £35.00, and if your appointment is two hours the minimum payment is £70.00. If you pay monthly, you can provisionally agree how many hours you will take in any month, and you make a minimum payment at the standard hourly rate and to the value of the appointments booked for that month. Part-payments accrue credit towards the full amount payable for the package chosen. This ensures that, in order to obtain the discount, you pay the amount shown, and it encourages you to complete the course. It also ensures fairness in preventing clients from under-paying me for my services without completing the agreed number of hours. See my Conditions and Guarantee for advice on what happens if you ask for a refund part way through a block package.


This option provides 6 hours (in 3 x 2-hours appointments) for an experienced learner who wants a few practices and mock-tests prior to their driving test.

  • £190.00 - saving £20.00! (Equates to £31.67/hr. Full price would be £210.00)

Payment terms: one-off payment or, minimum 1st and 2nd payments £70.00 each followed by final payment £50.00


Agnieszka Malinowska

“Excellent teacher! I would like to say a huge thank you to my instructor Alan for helping me pass my driving test! Alan was always punctual, reliable, supportive and patient. His instructions were always clear and right to the point. The lessons were good fun too which helped me to relax and become a confident driver. I would definitely recommend learning with Alan! Thank you.”

Aga Malinowska, Merton Park

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