Benefits to You

What would you like?

  • Would you like to be in possession of your learning?
  • Would you prefer a tutor who puts you at the centre of learning to drive?

Would you also like to receive these with your tuition?

  • Your own syllabus to help you see what you need to know and to be able to self-monitor your progress?
  • Your own course record to help you plan your lessons
  • Would you like to receive handouts to help you learn?

Experienced learner? Why are you here?

  • Is your course lacking in progress?
  • Is your learning lacking in structure?
  • Did you give up learning or are you thinking of doing so?
  • Did you already try the driving test and not pass and now you feel fed up?
  • Are you looking for a change in learning style?
  • Are you bored with your driving course?
  • Are you feeling frustrated with your situation?
  • Are you feeling disillusioned?

Qualified driver? Why are you here?

  • Would you like continued development after your Qualifying Practical Test?
  • Would you like to refresh your driving skills?
  • Would you like retraining after not driving for some time?

Try it and See

  • You can take a half-priced trial appointment in which you can assess whether you think that we can work together; if you have previous learning experience you can show me what you already have learned. There is no obligation to re-book.


Lana Palm

“I am from Estonia, and where I passed my driving test in 1997, driving manual transmission. Since coming to the UK in 2006, I have driven only automatic transmission, but my employer expected me to drive a manual transmission, so I decided that I needed refreshment of my manual transmission skills.

I found Alan Pontet online; his website is easy to navigate and I found all the information I needed. I chose Alan because he is local to where I live and because he has long experience in driving tuition. His response to my enquiry was quick and his flexibility with lesson arrangements suited me.

Alan’s manner was professional, and his client–centred approach to driving tuition enabled me to retain ownership of my learning and to learn at my own rate.

I achieved my target and I can recommend Alan to anyone who wants further development — whatever their age and driving skills.”

Lana Palm

Contact Alan

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07739 508 398

To keep costs down and keep your fees realistic Alan does not employ staff. You may need to leave a voice message when you call, or you may prefer to send a text message or an email.


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