Learning and Improving

Alan offers a wide range of driving tuition:

Training for Learner Drivers

  • Primary learning for beginners
  • Comprehensive tuition — Theory and Practical
  • Theory element covers the routines for safe driving
  • Help is also available with preparation for the Theory Test
  • Structured learning in a comprehensive curriculum
  • Step by step learning at a comfortable rate for you
  • Course record, handouts, and your own curriculum copy to monitor your progress and plan your learning
  • Help with preparation for Practical Test

Training for Experienced Drivers

  • Continued development after your Qualifying Practical Test
  • Refreshment training for semi–trained and experienced drivers
  • Retraining for those who have not driven for some time


Sophia Amarantides

“Alan is an impeccable driving instructor. He is methodical, reliable and teaches to the highest quality of standard. He is able to believe in his pupil’s ability and give them confidence, especially when that person cannot see it in themselves. He is always patient and supportive. I can honestly say he made all the difference to me and I could not recommend him any more highly.”

Sophia Amarantides

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To keep costs down and keep your fees realistic Alan does not employ staff. You may need to leave a voice message when you call, or you may prefer to send a text message or an email.


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