Conditions and Guarantee

Whilst there is no agreement signed between us, if you book an appointment you agree to pay the fees and you accept these conditions.

Tariff - Differential Pricing

In comparison with other one-to-one educational and personal development services, driving tuition fees are among the lowest but, driving tuition is none-the-less of an expensive service to deliver, and this is reflected in the standard hourly rate which I charge. Nevertheless, I use differential pricing and payment options to help you with your budgeting, and to encourage in you a commitment to developing your responsibility for safe sharing of the road environment.

Payment of fees

Payment on-line is preferred, to: MR A D C Pontet sort code 07-01-16 account number 27739842 – please include your name as a reference.

To maintain the current level of fees I do not accept payments by credit/debit card, since card suppliers charge fees for their facilities, and these fees would have to be recovered through higher tuition fees. I do not accept payment by cheque.

Whilst some payments are required in full, some payments can be by instalments and which enables you to spread the cost of your driving course whilst paying something towards your future appointments – see the tariff.

If you attend without having paid in advance or, without full cash payment available for that appointment, your appointment can either be shortened to the value of any payment available or, the appointment would be cancelled. Since I am not a cashier I do not carry change for cash payments, so, please try to tender correct amount – any overpayment would be carried over to subsequent appointments.

Discounts and Income Protection

Your payments are my income but since, by giving discounts I take a hit in income, I offer discounts on the understanding that the agreed number of hours shall be taken; accordingly, and due to cost of advertising negotiating preparing and managing courses, if refunds are requested before agreed hours are taken, those hours already taken shall be charged at the full hourly rate, and the refund shall be a net payment.

Appointment Times

You are responsible for keeping the appointments which you arrange. Appointments are not, however, guaranteed, nor are their start times – simply because they cannot be.

For operational reasons I exercise flexibility with the appointments regime and you shall receive the fullness of hours for which you have paid.

I shall try to inform you of delays to my arrival.

If I cancel your appointment you shall not be charged.

I am not responsible for your delays and cancelations caused by sickness public transport delays and other causes of your late arrivals non-attendance or cancellations including short notice interviews and work attendance requirements from employers. I shall try to accommodate you but if this is unsuccessful you shall be liable for the cost of your short-notice cancellations. Short notice is less than 24 hours.


I do not issue hand-written receipts for payments – receipts are sent by way of text messages.

Whilst I am responsible for maintaining a record of monies received, you are responsible for knowing about the payments which you make, especially so that mistakes and confusion can be avoided.

Driving Lesson Packages and Learning to Drive

Buying a block of lessons does not guarantee or even suggest that you shall learn to drive and pass a practical driving test within or at the end of the hours bought. For advice on learning rates for different ages and learning abilities see the chart on my site and which was issued by the DVSA.

Course Absence and Discontinuation

Absence of more than 6 months counts as discontinuation of your course and your agreement with me. You can subsequently re-start but, by then the fees might have increased.

Intensive Courses

Taking more than 2 appointments per week can be regarded as intensive. Driving is a stressful activity, and learning to drive is even more so. When planning your driving tuition course, take into consideration your perceived learning style and learning rate and your propensity to anxiety in a stressful environment or activity. If you decide to commit to an intensive course, I recommend that you take not more than one appointment per day, due to the likelihood of mental fatigue and consequential erosion in value for your money.

Fees and the Practical Driving Test

On the day of your practical test your appointment with me shall be of 2 hours, and which shall include a short practice plus travel time to and from the test centre, and the test. The fee which you pay to the DVSA for a driving test appointment does not include the fee which you pay to me for your appointment with me and which includes the use of my car during your driving test.


I am not VAT registered and your tuition fees are currently not subject to VAT.

Guarantee and Complaints

I deliver professional quality tuition at reasonable and competitive rates and without social political or sexual prejudice. If you are not satisfied with my conduct or the quality of my service you should address you concerns to me. If I accept your complaint I may offer a refund of some or all of your tuition fees or I may offer additional or alternative tuition appointments as compensation. If you continue to be dissatisfied you can refer the matter to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency who for their part can advise you about whether the nature of the complaint is within their remit as the regulator of driving instructor licences.


I have been a nervous driver, especially in crowded traffic situations and where I struggled with spatial awareness when dealing with obstructions and oncoming traffic. Alan has been calm patient and supportive throughout. He has suited a tuition style to my learning style, and this has helped me to improve my confidence. My lessons can also be fun — we drive to so many different places! He is understanding and flexible, and does his best to accommodate.

Meera Puspanandan, Raynes Park

I can warmly recommend Alan to prospective‭ ‬drivers of all ages and abilities since I must be one of the most reluctant drivers ever‭ — ‬having twice before during my younger years given up and yet,‭ ‬with Alan’s inexhaustible patience and encouragement I passed eventually‭!

Gerald‭ ‬Killingworth

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To keep costs down and keep your fees realistic Alan does not employ staff. You may need to leave a voice message when you call, or you may prefer to send a text message or an email.


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