Terms and Conditions

Contractual Description

These Terms and Conditions, and a Guarantee (see foot of page), if accepted by you, form part of a contract under which I supply a car adapted and insured for the purpose of driving tuition and in which you receive driving tuition from me. The extent of the learning covered is described in the curriculum which I shall issue to you and which, in addition to a record of appointments and payments, forms your course record. These Terms and Conditions should be read in conjunction with my prices and which are given on my tariff.

Whilst there is no agreement signed between us – and under contract law none is required, if you proceed with booking appointments you are deemed to have agreed to be bound by these terms and conditions and to have entered into a contract with me and which is subject to lawful enforcement.

Payment of Fees

If you book an appointment you agree to pay the fee.

Fees are paid online in advance.

Non-payment of outstanding fees or withholding fees owed is a criminal offence and can lead to a Court Claim action.

Under 18 Years of Age

Since these conditions include an element of income protection, and persons under the age of 18 years are not legally liable in the event of non-payment of fees, if you are under the age of 18 you cannot legally agree to these conditions. For my purposes, therefore, even if you pay for your tuition, I shall require agreement from an adult who acts as guarantor under these conditions; otherwise, fees for your tuition must be paid by a person over the age of 18 and who accepts the terms of this contract and is to be bound by them.

Appointment Times

You are responsible for keeping the appointments which you arrange. Appointments are not, however, guaranteed, nor are their start times – simply because they cannot be.

For operational reasons I exercise flexibility with the appointments regime and you shall receive the fullness of hours for which you have paid.

I shall try to inform you of delays to my arrival.

If I cancel your appointment you shall not be charged.

I am not responsible for your delays and cancelations caused by sickness public transport delays and other causes of your late arrivals non-attendance or cancellations including short notice interviews and work attendance requirements from employers. I shall try to accommodate you but if this is unsuccessful you shall be liable for the cost of your short-notice cancellations. Short notice is usually less than 24 hours.

Discounts and Income Protection

Your payments are my income but since, by giving discounts I take a hit in income, I offer discounts on the understanding that the agreed number of hours shall be taken; accordingly, and due to the cost of advertising negotiating preparing and managing courses, if refunds are requested before all of the hours paid for are taken, those hours already taken shall be charged at the full hourly rate, and the refund shall be a net payment.

If you show yourself to be unreliable in keeping appointments and/or paying the fees, your course could be terminated at my discretion.

Receipts and Your Account

In paying me for tuition you open an account with me, and whilst I am responsible for maintaining records of monies paid to me, this is for my purposes - you are responsible for knowing how much your appointments are costing, about the payments which you have to make and have made, how many hours of tuition you have paid for and have taken so far, and about how much your ongoing tuition will cost. I issue a hard copy of my tariff so that you have information to hand. If discrepancy is alleged, I might ask to compare our versions of the account.

I do not issue paper receipts – receipts are given by phone text message.

Driving Lesson Packages and Learning to Drive

Buying a bundle of hours does not guarantee or even suggest that you shall learn to drive and pass a practical driving test within or at the end of the bundle of hours which you have bought. On the FAQs page of this website there is advice about the likely cost of learning to drive.

In the car we shall have regard to a curriculum which we shall update to show your learning progress and how far you are from your qualifying target. You will receive a copy of this curriculum – you should keep it up to date so that, when you are not in the car and, for instance, your parents or guardians or other interested parties – especially those who might be paying towards your tuition, ask you about your progress, you will be able to show them where you are with your learning.

Course Absence and Discontinuation

If, for a continuous period of 3 months you don’t book any appointments with me, I shall assume that you no longer intend to and accordingly I shall archive your course records for a further 3 months, after which they shall be disposed of. If any refund of fees is due, these shall be paid into your bank account. You can subsequently re-start appointments although, by then my fees might have increased.


I am not VAT registered and your tuition fees are not therefore subject to VAT.

Guarantee and Complaints

I deliver professional quality tuition at reasonable rates and without social sexual or political prejudice. If you have cause to be unhappy with my conduct or with the quality of my service, you should address you concerns to me. We could be reconciled, and I may offer additional appointments as compensation or, you could decide to discontinue your learning with me (any hours paid for and not taken would be refunded). If you think the issue is more serious than this, you can refer the matter to the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency who for their part can advise you about whether the nature of your complaint is within their remit as the regulator of driving instructor licences.

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